We are TeamSparta®

We have transformed more than 3000 people (online and offline) within the last 6 years. There is no need to go anywhere; you are just one click away from starting your transformation journey.


We Understand

We understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and our goal is to help you overcome hurdles and achieve your goals. We help you overcome hurdles and achieve your goals.

We Analyse

We analyse your body type, BMR, TDEE, and metabolism to create your individualized fitness plan. We provide a sustainable plan, according to your convenience.

We Commit

We are certified nutrition consultants and exercise science specialists. We are capable of analyzing your body and creating a fitness plan that will help you achieve your goals.

About TeamSparta®

Since 2016, TeamSparta® has provided online nutrition consulting services.We have transformed over 3000+ people in the last six years and will continue to do so… Aditya and Gayatri Sharma, TeamSparta® coaches, are Certified Nutrition Consultants and Exercise Science Specialists, as well as Hypertension and Diabetes lifestyle management experts. Our experience is more than six years of various ages of clients from all over the world. There is no need to go anywhere or meet anyone, just download our app or mail, call or fill out the form on the contact us page and you’ll start your transformation journey as soon as possible.



Priyanka Manchali Banglore (India)

I fall short of words to thank Aditya sir immensely for his help. Help me lose lots of inches and fat. Not only with diet and workouts but also educates and clear all my doubts. Thankful forever. He makes sure he gives me a diet as per my likings. Never felt I miss out on any of my fav food. Looking forward for a lifetime membership with teamsparta. Thanks, Aditya sir and Gayathri mam 🙏

Esha Rangnani Dubai (UAE)

I would like to share something today..... A healthy diet and daily workout can do wonders in our life... Recently my brother-in-law was not well n had a cold, cough, fever, etc which later came to my mother-in-law, to my baby, and finally yesterday to my husband... Thanks to god it was not covid...I was only the one with no such illnesses... While visiting Dr we had a word and later he said the only coz of your diet and workout you are not affected by anything and having good immunity All credit goes to TEAMSPARTA i am thankful to god and sir I got this platform. Thank you sir for all the guidance and everything you do for us🙏🏻🙏🏻

Aanchal Yadav Jaipur (India)

This is what I really feel from bottom of my heart, I can't thank you enough, even words are not enough to express what I feel. I touched 95 after my pregnancy. One day, I came to know about Teamsparta fitness on social media platforms. I got myself registered and trusted Aditya sir blindly. Soon, I found myself in love with me and this worked like a miracle. Initially, it was difficult to say no to my favorite food but as I had promised myself to get back into shape. Thank you so much sir for always being there.

Simar Rangnani Nanded (Maharashtra)

Thank you so much, sir from d bottom of my heart. After the section, I put on around 8-9kg weight, tried a lot but all efforts in vain. Not only weight but menstrual problems were also there. After section which was all resolved after Teamsparta s diet. In between 3months of my diet plan there were so many ups and downs my husband was not well, my 2 years baby was not well but never change my routine of dieting n walking as a result of which lost 10kg weight and 15cm inch loss in just 3 months

Sweety Sharma Haryana (India)

Team Sparta♥️🤍 I would love to share my experience. likewise, we need food our body... confidence.. work on inner conscience are the food for the soul. I met Aaditya Sir when I was at my lowest, started mental and physical exercise and I found myself and what not... we people use to ignore our health..simply I wanna convey if you're healthy ...happpyy You really can beat the Floor of Life❤️🤍 well, Aaditya Sir I'm grateful to you... stay intuned🤞🏻

K.B. & D.G A couple from Hongkong

Me and my wife followed the diet plan and exercise regime given by Team Sparta for 3 months. Both of us lost around 7-8kgs. It was an excellent and balanced diet plan where we didn’t feel starved. We managed to fit the plan in our regular routine . It is easy to cook and quite filling. Apart from the diet plan we got a number of exercise videos which were extremely helpful. We would give 5 stars ⭐ to team Sparta for helping us achieve our target . We feel active and have a better toned body now.

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